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Golf Equipment – Must Haves in your Golf bag


The prerequisite for playing golf are 14 golf clubs, the player decides himself, with which type of golf clubs he wants to play. He has the choice between a driver, whereby you can achieve the biggest width, a wood, that is basically used for drive off or an iron for medium long shots. In addition a hybrid or rescue golf club combines abilities of irons and woods. Furthermore, a golfer can use wedges, these are especially useful for short shots or shots from difficult situations. At least, a putter is very useful for playing on the green. As the equipment is basically adapted for right-hander, it is important for left-hander to make sure about the correlate equipment. For every golf club, the golfer should take enough time for testing it with some swings and taking good consulting from a pro.


To haul the golf clubs, a golf bag is necessary, a golfer can decide between nylon-bags, bags with built-in stand or trolleys. For cleaning the golf clubs, a golf towel can also be attached on the bag.


The golf equipment of an active golfer should also include a golf glove. This helps against blisters and offers additional stability.


To assure his position, the golfer should wear special golf shoes. For practising on the driving range, solid shoes are sufficient, but on the golf course, particular golf shoes are essential. By spikes on the soles, a safe support is ensured. Due to the long distances between each holes on a 9- or 18-hole course, the comfort of the shoes is relevant.


If the weather is bad, a golf umbrella with large diameter is necessary to protect the golfer from rain during the round. The stability of this special umbrella is important.


Moreover golf balls are a requirement for playing golf. During the match, some balls often sink into a water hazard. This so-called “Lake Balls” are sold for a lower price, after beeing fetched out the water. A special type of golf balls are the “X-Balls”, they have also a lower price, in virtue of their possible lower quality, they are not allowed in unite tournaments.


Used for marking the position of the ball on the green, ball markers are needed for picking up the golf ball. By using a marker, the ball can be cleaned or removed from the puttline of another player. These markings can have different designs and colours, the shape should be practical, for example they are armed with magnets or clips, which can be attached on the golf glove, or the golfers clothes.


A golf ball can leave a hole at the impact after a pitch, to mend this hole, every golfer should have a divot tool in their golf bag.


The tee is a little piece of plastic, rubber or wood, on which the golf ball is placed for the drive. To play the perfect shot a tee is useful to increase the position of the ball.


In golf, the proper clothes have a high significance – for example, the correct short length, and the wearing of polo-shirts are required in the etiquette of golfing, however the dress code can be various for every golf course.


For golfers with tournament ambition it is useful to carry a rule book with them, for having the opportunity to access it in any situation.